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    firearm training videos
    Watch these free firearms training videos to improve your gun handling, sharpen up your shooting skills, learn gun safety and be more confident with firearms.


    dot torture drill is a great way to improve your shooting skills

    Dot Torture Drill

    Use the Dot Torture Drill to enhance your shooting skills and fundamentals. This drill will be difficult at first and will provide you with a true measure of your current skill level. Precise sighti...
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    Firearms instructor teaches you how to shoot straight and get better at shooting

    Learn To Shoot Straight

    Learn to shoot straight and understand why you may be missing low and away. And learn what you can do to fix it with Triangle Self-Defense firearms coaches....
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    Finding the best range bag isn't easy. Here are some that our professional team of firearms instructors would recommend.

    Best Range Bags

    Looking for the best range bags to choose from? See the Top 5 range bags our instructors have selected to store access your gear with function and style....
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    Advanced Concealed Carry Drill

    This Concealed Carry Drill is designed to provide you with an opportunity to work on fundamental movement patterns and gun handling skills that are essential for surviving and winning a gunfight. ...
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    Teaching firearm safety during concealed carry class

    Firearm Safety Training

    No matter the situation, you must always be thinking about firearm safety. Top firearms instructors in the country, I noticed one universal aspect of their instruction and training methodology.....
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