Protector Tools

To the self-defense minded citizen it is important to carry reliable and effective personal protection tools to enhance your defensive capabilities and survivability against potential violent criminals.

What Are
Protector Tools?

Protector tools are items that you can carry and use to help improve your personal protection skills and capabilities.  In the industry we call these Force MultipliersGenerally most attackers will have a size, strength and history of violence advantage over their selected victim. 
With that in mind, we believe it is important to train with, and carry, some form of Protector Tool to even the playing field and multiply your level of countervailing force.  There are four main categories of Protector Tools: Firearms, Edged Weapons, Impact Tools and Sprays.
Based on countless hours of research, training, testing and carrying various types of Protector Tools, these are the top of the class in each of the main categories.  Scroll down to see what made our top list for 2023.
The SIG SAUER P365XL packs a serious punch with a slimline concealable profile. Add a Sig 365 Macro mag and you have 17 +1 capacity in a 1” single stack pistol. We added the Holosun EPS Carry sight, Streamlight TLR Sub WML & Boresight solutions grip.
The Benchmade SOCP Mini Dagger was designed for the self-defense minded individual. The solid steel fixed blade design improves blade strength and durability, while the finger ring and custom kydex sheath allow rapid deployment and effectivness in self-defense situations.
The Fenix TK16 tactical light provides an impressive 3100 lumens output, housed in an aircraft-grade aluminum body that can deliver heavy impact strikes. It features an instant activation strobe and stainless steel strike bezel with tungsten breaking tips.
The ASP Metro Defender D2 is manufactured with a rugged aircraft-grade aluminum body which allows it to be used as an impact tool. The grip orientation mirrors the grip for tactical lights, pens and finger ring fixed blades. The inert trainer allows you to safely train with the actual device.