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Target Pack

Precision & Cadence Target Pack


The Precision & Cadence Target Pack contains a pre-sized and printable PDF target, including a full-page instructional of how to use and score the target.  Watch the instructional video below to learn more about the target and how to use it to improve your range training and enhance your shooting skills!

P&C Target Pack
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about the target

We designed this target on 8.5' x 11" standard letter size paper so you can print copies easily from your home or office. We recommend grabbing some spray glue and sticking it to your cardboard backer at the range.

about the drill

This drill is called Precision & Cadence because it allows you to focus on both of these fundamentals shooting skills on one simple target. Precision fire will consist of shooting 0.75" circles across horizontal and vertical lines. Cadence fire will consist of shooting rhythmically in a 3.5" bullseye.

Why is there an "A" and "B" section of the target? We designed the target in this way so you can attempt to make incremental improvements in your shooting fundamentals and performance when comparing your hits from the A side to the B side.

With the precision circles being as small as they are, you will be shooting up close and focusing on supreme accuracy, trigger control and sighting. At close range consider height-over-bore ratio and start gathering data about your POA versus POI.

With the cadence bullseye you should primarily focus on rapid strings of rhythmic accurate fire. On this portion of the drill focus on mitigating recoil, trigger reset and trigger finger discipline. To shoot fast you must reset the trigger in the recoil and you must mitigate muzzle rise during recoil to get your next shot on target. 

target directions

Print this target on 8.5”x11” standard computer paper. Use spray glue to paste over cardboard or paper target. 

starting distances

Use a measuring wheel or measuring tape to acquire the right distance.

Beginner start 3 feet from target
Intermediate start 5 feet from target
Advanced start 10 feet from target

course of fire

Course Of Fire: You will need a total of 35 rounds to complete this drill. Focus on precision when shooting all small circles. Focus on consistent cadence when shooting big circles.  Get a shot timer to set and record cadences.

A Side:
Shoot 5 rounds in order on the horizontal line A1-A5.
Shoot 5 rounds in order on the vertical line in order A1-A5.
Shoot 5 rounds in a specific cadence on the large A Circle.

B Side:
Shoot 5 rounds in order on the horizontal line B1-B5.
Shoot 5 rounds in order on the vertical line in order B1-B5.
Shoot 5 rounds in a specific cadence on the large B Circle.

Sample Cadences:
1.0 second splits
0.75 second splits
0.50 second splits
0.25 second splits


Count each hit as 1 point. Highest score possible is 40 points.
Small Circles: Hits touching any part of the outer line count.
Big Circles: Hits touching outer line must be ≥ 50% to count.

Bonus: Hits touching any part of the (4) criminal icons are +1 points (Masked Robber / Blood Splatter / Behind Bars / Toe Tag)

Super Bonus: Hit touching ≥ 50% of the Plus Sign circle +6 points (Plus between "Precision" + "Cadence")


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