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Self-Defense Training Videos

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Here's a quick video of a drill we call "Cover & Connect" that we use in our Self-Defense Combatives Classes to teach our members and students to cover up and protect against haymaker attacks, followed immediately with close range elbows and counter attacks.


TST Squad member & Guest Kickboxing Instructor Gene Kim discuss the concept of Range Management and Dictating Fighting Space in our Thursday night Kickboxing Class.  Dictating and maintaining space in all forms of combative arts is very important.  Often the person who can manage and dictate the space can dominate the fight.  

kickboxing drills /// modified dekkers combo

TST Squad Instructor Stewart E demonstrates a Kickboxing Flow Drill made famous by the Kickboxing Legend Ramon Dekkers.  For those unfamiliar with Dekkers, he was an elite Dutch Kickboxer and 8-time Muay Thai World Champion, known for his aggressive, fast-paced and violent fighting style.  We call this a "Modified Dekkers Comobo" because he traditionally ended the hand combinations with two lead leg kicks.  To align closer with Self-Defense & Combatives we modify to add a Shock Entry into the clinch with knees. 

mechanics matter

TST Instructor & Pro Fighter D'Juan "Dirty South" Owens cover proper fight mechanics in his Wednesday night MMA Class.  Whether it's for self-defense, kickboxing or MMA, utilizing efficient and effective body mechanics is essential for creating devastating power while also retaining your energy and stamina in a fight.   

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Self-Defense Educational Articles

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  • Crime Breakdowns
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self-defense color codes of awareness

The Color Code Awareness System is a clear, concise and methodical system designed to help people survive dangerous encounters by understanding and adapting one’s awareness levels. Mindset and critical thinking were an important part of Col. Cooper’s teaching philosophy. When instructing he made it clear that technical skills, like shooting accuracy, trigger manipulation and speed reloading were of little value, without the right mindset...

group ambush attack & fatal stabbing in london

Self-Defense Crime Breakdowns
The first victim was 20-year-old Andy Griffiths. Andy suffered a broken jaw and was stabbed four times in the assault; he survived. The second victim was 20-year-old student Daniel Pollen. Daniel was also physically attacked and stabbed once; he did not survive. His death was a result from a two inch stab wound that punctured his heart...

5 ground self-defense fundamentals

The Hip Bridge Leg Thread is a critical component of any ground-based martial art. The purpose of this movement is to displace an opponent's weight from your body so you are able to escape or stand up. Key points of the Hip Bridge Leg Thread—Position your feet close to the hips to maximize your hip bridge. Pivot off your shoulder to enhance ground mobility and minimize body-to-ground friction...


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