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Moving is used as a means of defense, a means of deception, a means of securing proper distance for attack and a means of conserving energy. The essence of fighting is the art of moving.

The major benefit of the Superman Front Kick DRILL is to ENHANCE FUNCTIONAL BALANCE & single-leg stability FOR MARTIAL ARTS AND SELF-DEFENSE.

It may seem like this exercise is simple, but there are actually quite a few moving parts. The Superman Front Kick movement pattern is not a movement drill that you mindlessly rep out. Rather, it demands mental focus, balance and concentration. Consequently, you must strive for quality over quantity with this one. Here are some of the major benefits of the Superman Front Kick exercise:.


There are countless movements and techniques in martial arts and self-defense that require functional single-leg stability and strength. For example, kicks and knees in Muay Thai, superman punches and spinning back kicks in MMA, shrimping and sweeping in BJJ, and defensive front kicks for Self-Defense. All of these movements and techniques require efficient weight transfer, balance and footwork. Therefore, developing dynamic and functional strength in single-leg positions is highly valuable if you want to enhance your martial arts performance and fighting ability.
There are two important functions of the hip that are significant for martial artists and fighters. First, the hips receive and transfer weight from the upper body axial skeleton (e.g. skull, rib cage, vertebral column). Second, the hips receive and transfer ground reaction forces (e.g. GRF = Force exerted by the ground on a body in contact with it) from the lower extremities upward toward the vertebral column. Therefore, hip and core stability not only plays an important role in balance, it also plays an integral role in the ability to transfer power and energy between the upper and lower body.


First, complete each set slow and controlled before moving to the fast and fluid sets. Starting slow and smooth helps build the neurological pathways and ENSURES You ARE ABLE TO EFFICIENTLY PERFORM THE MOVEMENTS PROPERLY.


BASE LEG — The hip and knee of the base leg should be slightly flexed and powerfully contracted. Both the Anterior Chain (Quads, Hip Flexors, Dorsiflexors) and the Posterior Chain (Glutes, Hamstrings, Plantar Flexors) should be tight and strong.  If the knee wobbles, focus on strength and control of the same side hip joint and core.  

EXTENDED LEG — The focus of the rear leg is powerful hip extension via the Gluteus Max and Hamstrings. Balance will be seriously compromised without a focused contraction of these hip extensors. Use the extended leg as a rudder to improve medial and lateral stability.


BASE LEG — Focus on stability of the hip, knee and ankle. Take notice of whether or not your knee internally deviates (knee valgus) or externally deviates (knee varus). Also, to avoid lower back discomfort and stress on the lower lumbar spine, make sure to extend your hip with a powerful and concentrated Glute contraction.

KICKING LEG — The kicking surface should be the ball of the foot (metatarsal heads). Don’t cheat and put your weight into the wall. Use your base leg to control your movement and balance. Strive to lightly touch the wall in a specific spot, with a specific surface of your foot.

DEFENSE FIT™ is our system of functional fitness training that promotes efficient movement patterns and practical conditioning to enhance overall fitness while improving the ability to resist, fight & defend yourself and your family.


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