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    It is one thing to be able to hit a target on a flat range and a completely different experience to hit a target who has a beating heart, is moving, is in the dark, has evil intent, and is scaring the crap out of you.

    This Concealed Carry Drill is designed to provide you with an opportunity to work on fundamental movement patterns and gun handling skills that are essential for surviving and winning a gunfight.

    Don't find yourself wasting time and money at the range with training that doesn't prepare you to survive real world conflict. It is very important to make sure that every time you fire your weapon in training, it’s with a purpose. Whether your are practicing for competition, home defense, or self-defense, you must have a structured plan that is designed to make incremental improvements in your defensive shooting abilities and capabilities.  Identify your training goals and design each range session to get you closer to achieving those goals.  

    The major benefit of this drill is the ample amount of fundamental gun handling skills and repetitions you get to practice while firing minimal amounts of ammunition.

    As you will see in the video, there are many concealed carry movement patterns we can work on with this drill to improve your defensive pistol shooting efficiency and effectiveness. Follow the steps outlined in the 1 x 1 Advanced Concealed Carry Drill to ensure you get the most bang for your buck when you are practicing out at the range.  Follow the instructions in the video and you'll be honing the following skills...

    1. Access & Deploy Firearm From Concealment
    2. Access Magazine, Load Firearm & Make Ready
    3. Access Concealed Magazine & Perform Reload
    4. Practice Dry Presentation & Clear Sight Package
    5. Reholster Smooth & Slow, Reverse Presentation
    6. Rapidly Deployment & Accurate Shot On Target
    7. Practicing Lateral Movement On Deploy & Shoot
    8. Recognize & Awareness Of Emergency Slide Lock
    9. Perform Speed Reload & Accurate Shot On Target
    10. Practicing Follow Through & Staying In The Fight

    Complete all the steps above to complete one full round, or one full repetition.  In one round or repetition, you will have only fired two shots.  This is great example of a concealed carry drill that is both cost effective and practical for real-world defense pistol training.

    TST DEFENSIVE PISTOL & ADVANCED CONCEALED CARRY TRAINING emphasizes a performance based training methodology focusing on How well you can perform a particular task, movement or Training DRILL. Performance based training allows you to work within your own skills and abilities while enhancing efficiency and effectiveness with your concealed carry firearm.


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